Famaco, a key player in the leather care product industry.

Mr Frédéric Pfirter created the company Famaco in 1931.  He had always thought of leather as a natural and living material, and consequently launched his first range of leather care products « Made in France ».  Today, Famaco is still run by the Pfirter family and its headquarters, as well as its production plant are based in Châtillon, near Paris. Famaco’s continual driving force to be the leader in its field, has led to the creation of essential products such as:

Beauty cream (Créme de Beauté) for leather, with a palette of 100 colours
Raviv Cuir, a cleaning polishing lotion
The brand new Beeswax Polish Paste (Pâte à Cirer de l'Abbaye).

Our knowledge and our continuous research allow us to combine tradition and innovation. With the development in chemical technology, se have been able to combine traditional wax such as beeswax or carnauba wax with more innovative products.

Famaco's strength is based on :

A team of technicians capable of providing a specific formula for each type of leather (natural, metallic, oiled leather…)
A factory with a modern production line to ensure timely production and to maintain a high level of quality for our polishes and emulsions

Famaco is continuing to develop in France and overseas, by drawing on experience and innovation, by creating new wax based products and richer textures adapted to different types of leather used by our clients.


Famaco products but also branded products…

Famaco offers its clients a made to measure service, allowing them to personalise the products to their own taste by choosing :
The packaging,
The type of cream,
The perfume,
The label.

Our clients

Famaco attracts a large client base :
Large shoe shop chains,
Shoe repair shops,
Independent shops,
Famour leather and luxury shoe brands.

Our values : Quality, Flexibility, Reactivity

Famaco ensures :

The quality of manufacture and distribution of products,
A dedicated sales follow up,
Training from staff on how to use the products,
Quick delivery in France or Overseas,
A restock as per the client's order (minimum product stock, seasonal stock and possibly stock in store) in a short timescale.
The quality and speed of service are guaranteed through direct and permanent contact with a dedicated member of the Famaco team, from the moment the order is placed right through to delivery; including technical assistance if needed bu the client.


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